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China and India are undoubtedly the key trade partners of Asean as both are the two most populous nations in the world. There is a good prospect of trade between China and Asean countries due to the close culture. Both sides can easily communicate, which helps boost trust among them. This also accelerates trade negotiations. Trade between Asean and India cannot be neglected either, though the trade tie between the two sides do not seem to make smooth headway.
Recently, there was a meeting between Thai delegates and the chief secretary of the Planning and Development Department of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu to discuss about the prospect of trade and investment in the state. The trade links between the state and Thailand has been existent for a long time. About 45 Indian companies are running business in Thailand. Several Thai firms, including CP, SCG and Rockworth, are operating in Chennai and nearby.
India has strength in software, techniques and know-how, while Thailand excels in hardware and material. Mr P Murari, advisor to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said Thailand and Tamil Nadu can work together on rubber and food industries. The fishery industry can also be cooperated as Thailand has a potential in the sector. Tourism on the Indian eastern coast could also be cooperated.
The advantage of doing business in India is the cost saving and sizable market, particularly Tamil Nadu, which has a population of 72 million. CPF has invested in shrimp varieties, animal food, chicken and corn in India since 1992. The company has so far expanded its business to six Indian states. There is also a strong potential for furniture production in India, which has a strong demand. India can also serve a production base, where goods can be transported to African, the Middle East and Europe by ships from Cochin. Chennai also offers conveniences for investors to do business there.




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