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Under the umbrella of The Rubber International Magazine, there are several related publications which are presently available for those interested readers are:

What & Who in Thailand Rubber Industry

Contact : Marketing Div.

The Rubber International Magazine

A monthly publication which has been published since 1998 into English, Thai and Chinese. This magazine is a window to a pool of vast information on rubber and plastic industries and link to a new business relations across the world with its subscriber number has been increasing in geometric progression since it started.

Subscription Rate
1 Year(12 issues) 1,944 Baht 1 Year (12 issues) 180 US$
2 Years(24 issues) 3,456 Baht 2 Years(24 issues)320 US $

An Introduction to Radiation Vulcanization of NR Latex

This book discusses about radiation vulcanization. Its content includes: radiation, radiation chemistry of NR latex, radiation vulcanization accelerators, NR Latex for RVNRL, RVNRL process, physical property economic analysis etc. It is also cover case studies of radiation vulcanization.
Price: 75 US $

Growing Rubber as a Professional Owner

This comprehensive book is written by the experienced author who has been working in the rubber industry as researcher and a planter in his own rubber plantation successfully. All steps for running rubber plantation from land selection and preparation to exploitation of latex and processing toward marketing are completely stated. It is very useful to those who want to establish the rubber plantation as well as additional studies on various aspects which can not find from textbook. The book is published in English and Thai languages with picture illustration through out 180 pages.
Price: 50 US $

Handbook of Thai Rubber Industry;Directory 2013 - 2014

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Marketing Department

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What & Who in THAILAND Rubber Industy !!



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