Doublestar introduces the first green recycling of waste rubber “Industry 4.0″ smart model base in the world

Chinese tyre company Doublestar recently launched the first green recycling of waste rubber “Industry 4.0″ smart model base in the world. The launch was held in industrial area of Runan County, Henan Province.

The beginning of this project is expected to lead a rapid transformation from waste rubber recycling industry to smart factory and solve the pollution problem completed caused by waste rubber processing.

The project will be set up in accordance with industry 4.0 standard, taking advantage of first-rate producing technology, and modern logistics production layout. It will include smart sorting, smart cleaning, smart stoving, smart conveying, smart pyrolysis, smart storage, smart control.

Meanwhile, the factory will also use the domestic-leading deodorant equipment and dust removal equipment which developed by Doublestar independently. And make a harmless dispose to the pollutant which caused in pyrolysis process. This project is also described by experts as a good project to reduce the worries for country and benefit the people, and is a typical practice of implementing the new development concept and the thought of “Environmental and Development.”

Under the background of National Supply-Side Reform, Internet+, China Manufacturing 2025, environmental protection policy and State-owned Enterprise Reform, Doublestar accelerated the transformation from “Sweat” to “Smart” enterprise and opened the the IOT ecosystem of Service 4.0 and Industry 4.0, to achieve all process operation of Industry 4.0 smart factory.