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ABB Ltd.
Adtec Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Advance Polymer J.T. Co.,Ltd.
Afet - The Agricultural futures Exchange of Thailand
A.F. Group Companies - A.F. Goodrich Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Agrow Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Alfa Laval (Thailand) Ltd.
Apollo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Metropolis Motor Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Motor Industrial Co.,Ltd.
BST Elastomers Co.,Ltd.
Busgum Co.,Ltd.
Calserve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
CBI(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Chemmin Co.,Ltd.
Chan Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Cosan Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Chumphon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
CS Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Department of Export Promotion
Design, Source and Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Dyna Fluid Co.,Ltd.
e-Guide Thailand
Excel Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Exxonmobil Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.
Four B Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Gen - Y Co.,Ltd.
GEA Westfalia Separator (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Global Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Green Plana Co.,Ltd.
G.T. Trading Co.,Ltd.
Henkel Thai (1999) Co.,Ltd.
Huay Chuan Co.,Ltd.
I Mechanics Co.,Ltd.
Indra Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Inoue Rubber (Thailand) PCL.
JJ-Degussa Chemicals (T) Ltd.
JSP Futures Co.,Ltd.
Krithip Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Kudson Technology Co.,Ltd.
K.S. Machukij Co.,Ltd.
M.R.I. Co.,Ltd.
Maruey Rubber Ltd.
Marubeni(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Metler-Toledo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Michelin Siam Group Co.,Ltd.
Mimi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
N.C.R.Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
N.Y. Rubber Co.,Ltd.
P.B. Patex Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Innovation Co.,Ltd.
P.S. Union Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Pago Rubber Trading Ltd.,Part.
Pago-Agro Chemical Ltd.,Part.

Pattani Industry (1971) Co.,Ltd.
Precise Engineering Co.,Ltd.
S.B.J. Co.,Ltd.
Southland Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Sri Trang Agro-Industry PLC.
Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry PCL.
Saeng Thai Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Sithiporn Associated Co.,Ltd.

SPC Group - Scientific Promotion Co.,Ltd.
S.T.I. International Co.,Ltd.
ST. Control Co.,Ltd.
Sunnyworld Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Suretex Co.,Ltd.
Thai Carbon Black PCL.
Thai Chong Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Eastern Group
Thai Filatex PCL.
Thai Hua Rubber PCL.
Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) PCL.
Thai Sin Rubber Industry Ltd.,Part.
UBE Group-Thai Synthetic Rubbers Company Limited (TSL)
The East Asiatic (Thailand) PCL.
Thungsong Sisawad Co.,Ltd.
Tongthai Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Touch Wood Forestry Co.,Ltd.
Topflight Co.,Ltd.
Trelleborg (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
TUV Rheinland (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Union Pioneer PCL.
United Motor Works (Siam) PCL.
Utids Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Vee Rubber International Co.,Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co.,Ltd.







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